Harmonie Uppercase Letters WS

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  • Harmonie Uppercase Letters WS
  • Harmonie Uppercase Letters WS
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THANK YOU for your interest in our unfinished wood alphabet letter craft cutouts! -These Letters are made of new high quality cabinet grade MDF. -They are design to hold paint well, and are easy to work.

We have found from customer feedback that these letters make a great addition to any Baby's Nursery or Children's Room. Our Kids are teenagers and young adults and love them too! Basically, they are great for any room you want to personalize.

We have also cut keyholes in the back of our 10 ", (10 Inch), and larger Letters up to 36" or 3 feet to make hanging simple and easy.

Our Sizes include:
6", 6 inch
10", 10 inch
12", one Foot
15" 1.25 Feet
18" Foot and a half
24", 2 Feet, two foot
and 36"or 3 Feet

The thickness of our letters are 3/8 Inches.

Letters are measured from bottom to top.

The weight differs contingent on the height of the letter from 6" to 15" weigh less than a pound. The 2 foot letter is approximately 2 pounds and the 3 foot letter is approximately 4 to 5 pounds.

We love taking custom orders and would be open to discussing any custom font.
Email: Support@build-a-cross.com

If you would like to purchase these for you to make for others, or in your business, please contact us at 855-992-7677 for our volume wholesale pricing. Or sign up Here, Or emailwholesale@build-a-cross.com

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