Boho Geometric Wall Art Circle, Unfinished Pine Shape Paint by Line WS

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  • Boho Geometric Wall Art Circle Stained and Painted
  • Boho Geometric Wall Art Circle Stained
  • Boho Geometric Wall Art Circle, Unfinished Pine Shape Paint by Line WS
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*Please Note the Following when considering these wonderful craft shapes:

We offer 2 different types of pine plywood-Yellow(Knotty) and White Pine.
Knotty Yellow pine plywood does well with staining and painting, but has knots and other natural blemishes that make it suitable more rustic appearance. Manufacturing Inks and Marks may be visible on some pieces, but can be sanded off or covered with paint very easily.
White Pine products are generally very smooth and more uniform in color, but both options MAY HAVE minor random cracks, chips, knots and other NATURAL blemishes that give it character.
On either option, Wood grain appearance may vary slightly from piece to piece. Light sanding MAY be required depending on your project preference. We will do our very best to minimize disturbances to the wood to make everything look professional!
Please keep in mind, no wood piece is absolutely perfect, as they are handcrafted and sanded, but they are sure to be table, wall, or desk worthy!


 Wooden Shapes for all your arts and craft needs!! Our Shapes are great for paint parties, birthday parties, and all around home decor. 

This Craft Shape is custom made & ready to ship! This DIY craft product comes unfinished. Our unfinished wood cut-outs are crafted of a high quality cabinet grade MDF. All products are cut in-house on our CNC routers and are hand-sanded, smooth to the touch. We recommend using an Chalk Paint or acrylic paint on our unfinished products. All products cut on 1/4" MDF are moisture resistant and suitable for outdoors. Products that include the words "Paint by Line" are engraved lightly with detail patterns for easy painting and decorating.

We appreciate you allowing us to serve you! If you have had a good experience spread the word by liking us and sharing on Facebook! 


Sizing: Our shape sizes are based on the longest dimension. Click on image to view.

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