Unfinished 3 Letter Circle Frame Block Monogram WS

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  • Unfinished 3 Letter Circle Frame Block Monogram WS
  • Unfinished 3 Letter Circle Frame Block Monogram WS
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Our 3 Letter Circle Block Monogram is a great gift idea! It is a gender neutral style right for anyone. They are also a great front door decoration; we recommend the 24" for most front doors! Our best selling indoor monogram size is currently the 30". We offer a variety of sizes to suit your craft project. Size refers to height. All products ship within 24-36 hours (Business days).

Our monograms are crafted of a high quality cabinet grade MDF. All products are cut in-house on our CNC routers. All products are hand-sanded & smooth to touch. We recommend using an acrylic paint on our unfinished products. These can be bought at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and other stores. A keyhole mount is provided for items 12" and larger. We recommend command strips for smaller cut-outs. All products cut on 1/4" MDF are weather resistant and suitable for outdoors. Call 1-855-992-7677 or email support@Build-A-Cross.com for more information!


Ordering instructions : Example, John Scott Andrews

First Initial: (j)
Second Initial Middle: (A)
3rd initial: (s)

Can you imagine the pride of a true Do-It-Yourself, (DIY), Project like this could bring to any home. Whether it is hanging on your living room wall , in your bedroom, or your kitchen, these truly have the wow effect and make anyone's home feel more personal.

Can you imagine any baby's room, kid's room, or teenager's room looking cooler? This is the kind of stuff that helps give people pride in who they are.

Gift Giving, visualize yourself saying " I had this made for you and painted it myself ,or I had this made for you !"

Expect a Wow! You will know its cost, for them, if they are like most people, this gift will be priceless.

Good Luck and enjoy.

- Custom made, Personalized unfinished wood 3 letter Monogram is sold unfinished, we do not offer finished monograms at this time!
-These Monograms are made of new high quality cabinet grade MDF.
-They are paintable and easy to work with to make any room in your home spectacular!
We have also cut keyholes in the back of our monograms to make hanging simple and easy. We love taking custom orders!
Any sign or logo can be custom made for your business or home. Just e-mail or call us for a special quote!

One last thing, we fund our alcohol, and drug abuse program with the proceeds.

If this works out for you would you do us a favor? Tell someone, put us on Facebook, do one of those # things.

We also sell these to dealers and can drop ship. Call for our dealer volume pricing.

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