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Valued Wholesale Partners-

Worldwide Wood & Building Material Shortage is Affecting the Craft Industry Along With Others at this Time.

We regret to inform you that we are having growing difficulty sourcing our normal materials at this time. Lumber prices have increased dramatically in recent weeks, and unfortunately we are at a point that we must take drastic action to continue to serve our customers effectively. Build-A-Cross Wood cutout prices are expected to be adjusted over the next few days to 150% of their current prices on all websites. This price change will affect everyone that we sell to and all materials. Please be aware of this and make immediate pricing adjustments where necessary.
In addition to price adjustments, we will be making changes to ordering options. We will be temporarily removing size options over 28" for shapes and over 24" for letters. We hope to return these larger options as wood supply stabilizes. To conserve our moisture resistant 1/4" MDF, we will also be blocking it's availability for many items under 16". We will also be temporarily blocking our 10" Tall Custom Word option.
To help fill the gap in our customers needs we intend to make letters and shapes as large as 16" available in our 1/8" MDF. This material is also moisture resistant and we urge you to try it where you may have used 1/4" material before.
Please be aware that our shipping promotion schedule will not follow the format that it has in the past months beginning Monday, March 15. Promotion details affecting the coming weeks have yet to be decided and announced.
Please know that Build-A-Cross Management will continue to search for new means to keep you supplied with necessary craft cutouts and other materials. We will do our very best to give you advance notice when changes like these occur and are confident that we can work together through the difficult circumstances at hand.
Thank you all for your business and your time.

Build-A-Cross Management Team

11th Mar 2021 Build-A-Cross Management Team

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